Who we are?

comfortable rooms
elegant decoration
sloping ceilings
reading in front of the fire
welcome to our home.

“Someone who wants to give you the possibility of a fleeting but intense return to the rural environment in an experience full of sensations. Get closer to a new way of conceiving the life that surrounds us, a return to nature that represent the encounter with a more simple and heartfelt human quality.

Concerned for several years about respect and conservation of the natural environment, we have worked for a quality tourism initiative, away from crowds and aware with the balanced and sustainable development of our environment.”

This is Irigoienea, welcome to our home.

Michel and Kasia
Urdazubi/Urdax, land of gentle mountains, close to the sea, alternative route of pilgrims on their way to Santiago and very linked to stories of smugglers, covens, witch-burning and legends. Warm guest rooms, carefully decorated, pleasant spaces that invite you to rest, to read in front of the low fire, and to sit around talking…

The building

Located at the entrance of the town of Urdax, in the neighborhood of Iribere, the hotel is a former tower-house of the XVIII century that maintains its forged primitive wood.
The Irigoien family has been the one who has inhabited it for over the years, which counts among its members, with such illustrious personalities as Juan de Irigoien, knight of the Order of Santiago.
Has survived the passage of time and even to the fires that Napoleon’s troops left in their retreat to France.
Palatial house, customs, carabineer barracks, reaches today after a major restoration.