Hotel Irigoienea
homemade breakfasts
garden and terrace
free wifi
everything you need.
Delicious breakfast
Dinner service 20:00-20:30h.
Porch terrace and garden with views
Enclosed balcony with placefire
Free wifi
Bikerfriendly area
Laundry service
Pets are not allowed

Non-smoking hotel. Smoking is prohibited in all hotel rooms except on the terrace. Thank you for your collaboration!

Enclosed balcony, terrace, garden and river

Porch terrace with splendid views of the surrounding area which captivate the visitor. If the weather is good, the breakfast and dinner may be tasted in this privileged place.
Our enclosed balcony is located at the rear of the hotel; its large windows constitute the point of contact between the interior space, personal, private and intimate, and the outside world, green, fresh and surrounded by nature. The library, the piano and the fireplace, make up a cozy corner which encourages a pleasant conversation or to read a good book.
Garden with access to the river of clear waters that runs parallel to the farm.